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- In mission to service for humanity -

Dedicated to Clients Wellbeing

Merkaba Healing Studio was founded By Alexis Lee, in order to be the light house for many people. As an empath, She felt the call for service to humanity, that’s needing guidance to a better path in life & their purpose to connecting with their true self.  

The passion she has towards helping others shows tremendously, working as an Esthetician for over 20 years. As a natural gifted healer, she’s always had nurturing ways of caring for others. Many clients felt her healing energy through facial treatments and feeling so incredible after. She's been praised by all of her clients, that this is her destiny. Then she knew deep in her heart, this was a destined path for her to heal people. 

 In 2014, through her spiritual awakening, her intuitive gifts have been presented to her, so she can utilize to service to others. Such as Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Claircognizant.

Since then, she’s been following her path, paving ways to help heal many clients through childhood traumas and years of repeated cycles of their life.  Alexis have helped many clients with empowerment and more self love for themselves. 

Her mission is to assist humanity with positive energetic shifts and healing souls, to help lift off the heavy weight, that they’ve been carrying around for so long.

She's been guiding many clients to evolve to next level, finding true connection to their soul, clarity on their new path and other spiritual healing processes. 

From her 5D consciousness perspective, her ability to see and understand the high levels of spiritual intelligence, she’s assisting new spiritual awakening clients with ascension, that’s currently occurring in our planet. This helps release the old and bring in the new higher vibrational version of themselves, which is the key to soul evolution.

Her wisdom & knowledge guides every client she works with, which empowers, strengthens & help them find the light they have within. Removing all the illusions that held them back, from being their best & truest sovereign being that they truly are. 


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