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Testimonials from Clients

I've never had a Reiki session before and I wasn't sure what to expect. But wow, I totally loved it, even if it was through distance session. Alexis made me feel at home, she's extremely caring and sweet. I definitely felt some of the energies even if it was far away. She explained to me in details, what's going on and some of the surprises that came up during session, that I would only understand. There was no pre discussion regarding to the info that came through, so no way of Alexis knowing of this.

My chakras were totally cleared and I haven't been the same since that day.

I would highly recommend it to anyone that's never done it before. It was totally worth it, I nearly broke down in tears, to some of the things and people that showed up to assist with my healing.  

Every session and every person is different, so it's always special. 

Alexis is the real deal, a genuine Reiki Master doing her service to humanity. You wont regret it, I'm blessed to have found her and so will you!

Reiki with Alexis was so amazing! I have done reiki with multiple different practitioners in the past, none of whom could manifest the same results as Alexis has. The first time I did reiki with her, I felt this overwhelming sense of relief. I was starting to lose hope in this practice but now I routinely see her for a reiki session. I have urged my family and friends to try this out with her because energy blockage might be the only thing holding them back from waking up happy every single day—the way I do now!!! Alexis has an overwhelmingly genuine and powerful energy that transcends into the amazing healing she assists me with. 10/10 and I recommend EVERYONE try a reiki with Alexis at least once.

Alexis helped me tremendously! After a very bad breakup I was surrounded by my ex’s negative and dark energy. Alexis is my great friend and she had always spoken of her passion for spirituality that it intrigued me so much to ask her more about it. I told her what I was going through and she did not hesitate to come over and work her spiritual art on me and my new home. Alexis literally took the dark cloud and instantly I felt happy and good spirits surrounding my home and me. In fact so much that Alexis and I were 4 feet away from the tv remotes (3 of them to be exact) and all of a sudden the spirits turned all three devices on out of nowhere without either of us touching the remotes. The next day I was having a rough energy and came home from work on my lunch break and as soon as I entered my place the three devices came on again. I called Alexis to tel her and told her I was having a rough day and she said it was the spirits letting me know they have me to let it go and I did and I was immediately just sitting there in disbelief. It’s all real she helped me rid that dark energy and I couldn’t be more thankful to move on in my new place with positive people and energy around me! 

Alexis was amazing and gave me the guidance I needed when I was going through a tough time in my life. Despite not knowing anything about my current situation, her tarot reading was completely accurate with what was going on and how I may clear the blockages holding me back from reaching my full potential. She went above and beyond to assist me and it seemed as if she was a girlfriend I had known for ages! She was available to me even post our session and sent me extra material I may benefit from and apply in my everyday life. Thanks to her guidance, I am currently able to move on from a difficult situation. She has been a blessing and I am grateful to have met her! I highly recommend her! If you are needing guidance or unsure, she is able to assist you in reaching your full potential and being the best you can be. I will forever be her client for life. She’s a god sent!

Alexis has helped me with my spiritual journey and  has played a big role with my success in my life. If you need a spiritual therapist or guidance Alexis is best one in Dallas. If I could leave 10 stars I would!

I have been going to Merkaba Healing for about little over a year and all I can say is Alexis has helped my inner being so much I have been able to let go of pas trauma blockage that I have not been able to see before.Every time I have had a healing session I have felt incredible a weight off my shoulders. She has taught me about letting go of ego and pride to allow peace and love flow in to me. Has shown me how being present in the moment is all we have. Thank you again Alexis for all you have done. I truly recommend her 1000%!!!

Alexis called it a shift, I called it a miracle - She and her team allowed me to be freed from the chains of Agoraphobia, which had taken over my existence for the past 25 years in such hideous ways.  Now, I can walk among all others, with my sweet and patient wife, enjoying what I’m sure seems to most other people a simple everyday life.
Alexis was my miracle that I had given up on years ago.  She lives in the realm of Devine Grace and freely extends that grace to others.
We (me and my wife) are forever grateful for this life changing gift.
p.s. This was all done remotely

Testimonials: Testimonials
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